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en·tre·pre·neur | äntrəprəˈnər | noun
A person who organizes and manages any enterprise,
especially a business, usually with considerable initiative and risk.

You are full of ideas. You want MORE.

More time to create, live, and love. More fulfillment from your life and relationships. More income with a better lifestyle.

Yet you also want LESS.

Less distractions from email, texts, calls, and meetings. Less time dealing with difficult people and problems that are not yours.

What if you can have BOTH?

We are a group of deeply committed, ride or die by your side, in it to win it, and down-to-earth therapists who love working with entrepreneurs.

We aim to offer a unique, shame-free and judgment-free space to reach your maximum potential in life and work.

A recent UC Berkley study found that 72% of entrepreneurs are directly or indirectly affected by mental health issues.

Whether you are a solopreneur trying to manage everything alone, a part of a team of entrepreneurs, or a start-up dealing with institutional investors or venture capital firms, entrepreneurs often feel isolated. You want to instill confidence in your team, but sometimes you just need a safe space where you can be seen and heard and problem solve.

A solopreneur that needs a therapy for entrepreneurs

Starting, running, and growing a business has many rewards and equal parts stress. Wearing multiple hats sounds exciting yet sometimes you realize you have all the hats on at once or the one on at the wrong time. . . or the hats are all on fire.

If you are managing employees and/or investors, you often feel the dissonance between being authentic and putting on a “winning” smile so you can project (often false) optimism to protect others from everything you’re carrying on your shoulders.

Yet these are barriers and setbacks, not walls. What about the WHY? What about meaning and purpose?

When you think back to why you chose this path, the road less traveled and all, can you remember that excitement? The passion? You are multi-passionate and creative. You know deep down you are meant for something so much more.

We’re going for integrity. Actions that are in pursuit of excellence yet maximally aligned with your values (who you want to be and how you want to show up in your business).


Therapy. Most entrepreneurs reach out to us because they are struggling with stress, burnout, and anxiety and are experiencing a crisis of confidence, the shadow of imposter syndrome, or the “suck it up and deal” and “it’s all on your shoulders” pressure of perfectionism. Some clients have managed with panic or trauma for many years, but the entrepreneurial space has triggered fears and insecurity out of nowhere.

Some entrepreneurs struggle with ADHD and although they have managed it successfully in the past, they are struggling now.

At Momentum Psychology, our approach is fueled by the best available research in psychology, neuroscience, and behavioral science. Yet we don’t do woo or crystals.

Values-Based Action. There is growing research to suggest that consistently prioritizing the “musts” and “shoulds” while leaving no time for values-aligned action is a major cause of procrastination. We only schedule appointments and meetings, never date nights or workout sessions. What is something that you are really passionate about but have been neglecting? Anything that you are curious about? What is the smallest action you could do right now towards that? Check out Dr. Jan Newman’s articles on values here and here.

Exercise. We now know that sitting is so bad for us that it is a public health problem. Moderate exercise helps keep you healthy, of course. It also regulates stress, increases energy, focus, and creativity. As an entrepreneur, this is a must. Yet some of my clients have internal barriers (e.g., mindset, procrastination) and external barriers (e.g., TIME!) to doing this. If this isn’t something you can self-help and hiring a trainer isn’t an option, you can figure out a framework for this in therapy.

Sleep. One of my entrepreneur clients described his sleep as ok but with “self-diagnosed revenge bedtime procrastination.” And I bet you know what that means? Many of my clients try to add more hours in the day and always around bedtime. There has been so much self-sacrifice all day and the emails have finally stopped. Watching Netflix or ESPN for a few hours seems like a well-earned reward. Yet we know one thing for sure about sleep, if we don’t get enough, bad things happen. What is the best prescription for relief from burnout, stress, illness, and trauma and for emotion regulation? Sleep, sleep, and sleep.

For tips on hacking your sleep from experts and other entrepreneurs, check here and for some awesome tools from a neuroscientist at Stanford, check here.

Relationships. We are hardwired for connection. As Johann Hari wrote in his book Lost Connections, “humans need tribes, like bees need hives.” When we feel isolated and disconnected, we are more vulnerable to depression and anxiety. Relationships with people who are caring and supportive and allow you to be your authentic self can help heal you from the inside out. Relationships with family are more complicated, yet when considering elective relationships and connections, it can be worth asking how the relationship aligns with your values.


Therapy can provide a space for you to be heard and discuss what’s going on in your life without judgment.

We emphasize maintaining an open and nonjudgemental stance with our clients. Our therapist aim to be fiercely loyal to their clients and to have their backs. Ys, we strive to be open, warm, empowering, and validating. We also invite you to tell us how you want help being accountable and challenging yourself. We know you have some incredible goals, and we’re dedicated to getting you there with a more flexible perspective. Let’s kick down some walls!

Effective therapy can help you break through the barriers that

Portrait of a successful entrepreneur in his company

are holding you back. So, you can continue on the path to reaching your greatest potential. Sometimes, entrepreneurs struggle with interpersonal conflict at work and at home. Some can struggle to set boundaries that have them barrelling down the road to burnout.

Therapy can help you develop and hone skills to work through conflict effectively and avoid burnout.

Effective therapy can dramatically improve your quality of life not just now, but continuously. Our hope is that your therapy will have a long-term impact for you. Medication can be extremely helpful. The benefit that effective therapy can potentially offer over medication is long-term, ongoing wellness. Our hope is to teach you tools and strategies that will help you be your own best coach and therapist long after we’ve finished working together.

Finally, therapy doesn’t have to take forever. To help fit therapy into your life, we offer our services exclusively through online therapy using our secure HIPAA-compliant videoconferencing system.

We’re not going to lie to you – the biggest predictor of outcomes in any therapy is the effort that the client puts into therapy.

Consistency is the key to results because the brain learns and changes quicker if we keep the “dose” steady. Reading, doing experiential practice outside of session, and more.

Yet you can increase the chances of success with a therapist who is ride or die on your side and in it to help you win it. And we’re all over that here armed with evidence-based models and years of experience to help you achieve the rich and fulfilling life you want.

If you walk the talk and we do the work, we can help you get there. We also want you to be open and honest with us about what’s working and what isn’t. You’re entering a shame-free and judgement-free zone, and if you’ve never felt what that’s like, get ready for some good feels and serious life change.



With entrepreneurs in Charlotte, North Carolina, and online throughout the United States, our therapists use techniques that are rooted in the most current research in psychology, neuroscience, and behavioral science including:

Our goal is to collaborate with you, so you can master positive coping skills, and change your behaviors. We will work together to figure out what’s been keeping you from feeling fulfilled. As a busy lawyer or law student, you might be wondering how long therapy may take?

The answer is, it depends. It depends on what you need to gain from our work together. It’s important that while we are creating meaningful and lasting change in your life that we are talking about your successes. By measuring and observing the change you are making, we can make a clear plan on how to move forward in therapy. I hope that when you have met your goals that you will feel a sense of peace. I want you to feel like you’re more efficient, have a clear plan for your future, and feel better about your job and personal life.

We occasionally offer skills groups and classes for entrepreneurs, including parenting classes. These can be very powerful experiences to work through skills and situations with others who are in your shoes. If you’re interested in my group offerings, please complete our group interest form.


You deserve to have the life you’ve always wanted. Therapy can help you achieve this. I will work with you to help you achieve success in all areas of your life. To begin therapy online, please follow these steps:

  1. Complete this form or call our office at 704-444-0087 to request an appointment with me. Then, you will be contacted by our client care coordinator to make an appointment.

  2. Schedule an intake appointment with the therapist of your choice. (Please note that Dr. Newman typically runs a lengthy waitlist, but we have other qualified therapists for you to choose from).

  3. Begin therapy for high-performing professionals to break through the barriers that keep you from having the life and relationships you want.


As an online or virtual therapy practice, our mission is to offer a variety of online therapy services to help you focus on your needs. We take the stress out of getting the treatment you deserve with our flexible, convenient, and easy-to-use therapy and assessment services. We offer online therapy in several states including North Carolina, Alabama, Colorado, Washington DC, Georgia, Maryland, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennesee, Texas, Virginia, and Utah, and all PSYPACT states, and we new states added to our list on a regular basis.

We specialize in working with high-performing professionals, executives, lawyers, entrepreneurs, physicians and other healthcare professionals, creatives, athletes, and students (college, graduate, and professional programs). We will soon be offering for high-achieving teens who want and are a good fit for online or virtual therapy. Our therapists are all doctoral-level psychologists.  Depending on the therapist you see, we can offer help with stress and burnout, anxiety, trauma and PTSD, ADHD, and depression as well as vicarious trauma, life transitions, and relationship problems. Learn more about the cost of online therapy on our investment page. Getting the best therapist for your needs no matter where you live and being able to fit it into your busy schedule might be the secret. Online therapy may be the answer you’ve been looking for! We use evidence-based treatment methods including ACT, DBT, RO-DBT, CBT, ERP, and trauma-informed therapies.

Please contact our office and request an appointment to hear about the many ways we can help you thrive and be successful in work and life, and hopefully all the way around.


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