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This is how we roll.


We are a unique, specialty psychology collective of independent psychologists that is dedicated to:

  • Providing evidence-based treatments like CBT, ACT, DBT, and RO-DBT, which are heavily influenced by the best available research in behavioral and biological science (read – ACTION, that is let’s go – pitter patter let’s get at er!)

  • Bringing high-achieving individuals and their families the best and most dedicated psychologists who can hold space for #allthefeels and all the #dontknowwhatifeels.

  • Going full-tilt Jedi Master on the therapeutic relationship because we know that it’s the “force” behind every single thing we do.

  • Oh, and we really love doing online therapy. We LOVE offering our clients the flexibility to get what they need AND be where they need and want to be. Our psychologists have training in telehealth, and are REALLY, REALLY good at the online format, and CAN make online feel real life.

“We’re dedicated to bringing high-performing individuals and their families the best and most dedicated psychologists who hold space for #allthefeels and all the #dontknowwhatifeels.”


Our current clients include professionals in law, finance, medicine, business, and healthcare so lawyers, financial advisors, fund managers and traders, physicians, therapists as well as entrepreneurs, executives, athletes, and artists, and graduate and professional students. . . (WHEW!) and their families.

Although those people have different skills and descriptions, they have several things in common.

Our clients are amazing, multi-passionate, and driven individuals who are often struggling with anxiety, trauma, relationship problems, work dissatisfaction, and burnout that’s often complicated by . . .


imposter syndrome,

and doing-all-the-things-for-all-the-people-all-the-time problems

High-performing people typically value things like:

  • Purpose

  • Clarity

  • Compassion

  • Kindness

  • Leadership

  • Flow

  • Influence

  • Empowering Others

  • Perspective

  • Learning

  • Integrity

  • Energy

  • Courage

  • Effectiveness

Unfortunately, there’s some less than helpful social programming that comes along with high achievement that can end up being unworkable in the long run.

Strategies can range from “pushing through” or “compartmentalizing” or “sucking up and dealing with” boredom, distraction, anger, and sadness to crushing anxiety and worry or using ineffective strategies in relationships with the people that matter most to them like stonewalling, avoiding, or fault finding and being completely unaware of how it happened.

There can be a tendency of overrelying on self-talk that sounds like: “just do what you’ve got to do” or “just do it yourself” or “get it over with it” or “you can’t quit” or “no mistakes” or “always give 110%”. Even when those strategies are unworkable.

Despite their achievements, some feel intense shame about feeling they aren’t worthy of the success they have or admitting to friends and families that they aren’t fulfilled by it either. Some have been chasing the approval of others or the elusive fleeting butterfly of happiness for so long that they can’t remember the last time they thought about what truly mattered to THEM or were choosing authentically.


When you’re a professional struggling with the demands of work and family, you just want to find someone, anyone who “gets it” – we mean – really gets it.

Momentum Psychology was founded to meet a need. When our founder, Dr. Newman, was working as a corporate lawyer, she just wanted to find a coach or therapist who truly got how impossible anything resembling a work-life balance was. It was extremely challenging for her to integrate her career and personal life.

She tried a few therapists. Their solution was always some version of “you need to quit your current job.” She had already tried switching firms though. And none of them had an idea on a way for her to cover her mortgage or pay their fees.

Then she tried a coach for attorneys who gave her a free consultation and a career strengths measure and suggested that she would find happiness as a real estate broker or a funeral director. Yep. True story.

The problem was not only the hours she had to pull in law, but also the lack of meaning and purpose. Those seemed like quick-fix ideas that would never touch that deeper need. And funeral directing. Please. Just No.

In our experience, most therapists have not lived in both worlds. They haven’t worked in a demanding profession in a corporate or institutional environment where your time is truly never your own.

They haven’t pulled an all-nighter and been expected to be at work first thing in the morning.

And, unless you have, it can be really difficult to truly get it.

Most of our therapists have likely pulled all-nighters working for some version of “the man” somewhere.

And Dr. Newman is also dedicated to ensuring that they get what it’s like in case they haven’t been in the corporate world. When she trained at the VA, she was required to learn tons of military terminology, so she could no more and the veterans wouldn’t have to do all of that explaining. It worked brilliantly to bridge the gap.

Although the name of the game is getting the art and science of doing on-the-money, high-performance, relationship rockstar psychology, she also wants to make sure our therapists know the language that is the reality of many of our clients world: from KPIs, equity buyouts, roadshows, and incentive stock options to billable hours, “on track,” lockstep, and bespoke to acceleration clauses, private equity, angel investors, deal flow, LOIs, cap tables, dilution, and pay-to-play provisions to acceleration clauses, FTEs, and noncompetes.

For other performers, artists, athletes, and entertainers, it can be really tough to understand the price you pay for name recognition and the struggle when you’re off your game and the muse has silenced.


We don’t do what we do because it’s a job. We do it because it’s our passion and our calling.

We want to join forces to make a collective of Jedi, superhero, wizard psychologists to supersize our impact on the world.

Our founder was a practicing lawyer who clawed her way from “Biglaw” to a PhD in clinical psychology because she believed that by empowering other humans she could transform her life and others. While she was billing time in 6-minute increments and flying to negotiate a deal while 5-months pregnant, she knew deep down she was meant for something more. Even though she loved working with clients, she didn’t love law.

So, she left a cushy multi-six figure job as an attorney living in Boulder, Colorado to move to the Deep South on a wing and a prayer to pursue clinical psychology on a graduate student stipend with an infant, a confused, retired police K-9 yellow lab, one amazing partner, and pregnant! Either you’re all-in-committed and daring or completely recklessly insane* (see note below) to do something like that. So yeah, maybe we’re insanely committed to being all-in with our clients!

Everyone and their brother (and their director of clinical training, inlaws, outlaws, random strangers) told her that she was crazy to leave law, and that she’d live to regret it. Yeah, so that didn’t happen. It was quite the opposite.

Point being – we’ve got a fire in our belly over here for this work!

We are a group of passionate, committed, and highly-trained licensed psychologists who are licensed in our home states where we reside. As qualified licensed psychologists, we also have an E.Passport and an Authority to Practice Interjurisdictional Telepsychology (APIT) through the PSYPACT program coordinated by the Association of State and Provincial Psychology Boards (ASPPB). 

This program allows licensed psychologists who have the required training, experience, and qualifications to practice telepsychology from the psychologist’s home state to any state registered in the PSYPACT compact. 

*Note: The word “insane” here is used here in the slang version of being wild. Insane also means people suffering from severe mental illness which is serious. We would never use that word in a derogatory manner. We are also ACT therapists and believe strongly in psychological flexibility around language and defusing its meaning and hold over us. We are what we do, not what we think.


Currently, these states include those identified on the PSYPACT website and here:







District of Columbia (DC)













New Hampshire

North Carolina









West Virginia



Florida – Drs. Hunnicutt and Newman only (Dr. Newman is running a waitlist)

If your state is not listed above – then we can not currently work with you. If you would like referrals, please contact our Client Coordinator.


In therapy, you can learn how to deal with your stress and avoid professional burnout. This will allow you to focus your attention on the things that really matter in your life? Doesn’t that sound worthwhile?

To begin therapy online in Charlotte, NC, Georgia, Texas, Ohio, and other PSYPACT states, please follow these steps:

  1. Complete this form or call our office at 704-444-0087 to request an appointment with me. Then, you will be contacted by our client care coordinator via email to make an appointment. 

  2. Schedule an intake appointment with the therapist of your choice. (Please note that Dr. Newman typically runs a lengthy waitlist, but we have other qualified therapists for you to choose from).

  3. Begin therapy for high-performing professionals to break through the barriers that keep you from having the life and relationships you want.


As an online or virtual therapy practice, our mission is to offer a variety of online therapy services to help you focus on your needs. We take the stress out of getting the treatment you deserve with our flexible, convenient, and easy-to-use therapy and assessment services. We offer online therapy in several states including North Carolina, Alabama, Colorado, Washington DC, Georgia, Maryland, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennesee, Texas, Virginia, and Utah, and all PSYPACT states, and we new states added to our list on a regular basis.

We specialize in working with high-performing professionals, executives, lawyers, entrepreneurs, physicians and other healthcare professionals, creatives, athletes, and students (college, graduate, and professional programs). We will soon be offering for high-achieving teens who want and are a good fit for online or virtual therapy. Our therapists are all doctoral-level psychologists.  Depending on the therapist you see, we can offer help with stress and burnout, anxiety, trauma and PTSD, ADHD, and depression as well as vicarious trauma, life transitions, and relationship problems. Learn more about the cost of online therapy on our investment page. Getting the best therapist for your needs no matter where you live and being able to fit it into your busy schedule might be the secret. Online therapy may be the answer you’ve been looking for! 

We use evidence-based treatment methods including ACT, DBT, RO-DBT, CBT, ERP, and trauma-informed therapies.

Please contact our office and request an appointment to hear about the many ways we can help you thrive and be successful in work and life, and hopefully all the way around.’


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“Dr. Jan Newman is one of the most skillful therapists I have ever worked with in my career. She has handled cases whose complexity had its own complexity and has helped those families out of that forest of suffering.

I cannot commend her therapy skills highly enough. As a therapist with over 20 years experience in the field of child trauma, she is who I would trust with my own child, without hesitation. ”


“Dr. Newman’s level of dedication and empathy is unmatched. It is an exceptional sight to see an individual who possesses so much love for what they do and give an unprecedented amount of dedication to each case. ”