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Warm, expert, evidence-based therapy from the comfort of your coach or office.
You will think, feel, do, and change. This isn’t app-delivered therapy. This is dig deep and transform-your-life therapy.
Anxious, Burned Out, Struggling, and Busy?
Warm, expert, evidence-based therapy from the comfort of your coach or office.
Are You a High-Achieving Professional Looking for More?
We can’t wait to meet you.
We provide therapy for the executive, entrepreneur, professional, or student looking covering too many bases — juggling stress with home and work or school — yet yearning for so much more from relationships and life.
MomentumPsychologyprovidesonlinetherapy whereveryouare
Whether you are working from the boardroom or your bedroom or checking in at home or work, we are here for you.

Yet online therapy doesn’t feel like a Zoom call. You can still connect with your therapist in a powerful way. We want you to feel and hear that we’re here for you, so that you feel like we’re in the room with you — just better because you can sip tea in yoga pants, fit it in after your morning routine, or create some me-time at work. We can work with clients in over 35 states across the United States.

MomentumPsychology Onlinetherapyissafeandsecure
Your online therapy sessions will be private, confidential, and secure.

We only use HIPAA-compliant secure systems, so we can rest easy that your session is private. You can also schedule easily online or with our Client Coordinator. Relax and enjoy effective online therapy without the hassle of dealing with traffic and parking.

MomentumPsychology Onlinetherapythatisconvenienteffectiveandevidence based
Warm, expert, evidence-based therapy delivered by psychologists with PhDs who are savvy, yet down to earth.
High-achieving people looking for more are our people. We are a group of highly-trained clinical psychologists who believe that our clients come to us with infinite potential. During the pandemic, we noticed an upsetting trend where our clients were struggling with conflicting demands yet felt guilt and shame for even having problems, much less talking about them. We wanted to provide a space that is safe, a relationship that feels ride-or-die, yet delivering therapy that is pragmatic, effective, and convenient. You will laugh. You may cry. You will change your life.

We are a group of passionate, committed, and highly-trained licensed psychologists. We are licensed in the home states where we reside. As qualified licensed psychologists, we also have an E.Passport and an Authority to Practice Interjurisdictional Telepsychology (APIT) through the PSYPACT program coordinated by the Association of State and Provincial Psychology Boards(ASPPB). 

Online therapy allows licensed, trained, experienced, and qualified psychologists to practice telepsychology. Learn more about states registered in the PSYPACT compact. 

Online therapy saves you time.

With online therapy, you don’t have to worry about fighting traffic during rush hour.

You don’t have to miss dinner with your kids to see your online therapist. Enjoy the luxury of talking to your online therapist on a lunch break or earlier that morning.

You don’t have to contact your online therapist to tell her you’ll be late again. You can use a phone, tablet, or computer from your office or another private location to benefit your life.

With online therapy, you can finally work with a therapist who gets it.

When you’re a professional struggling with the demands of work and family. You just want to find someone, anyone who “gets it” – we mean – really gets it.

In our experience, most therapists have not lived in both worlds. They haven’t worked in a demanding profession. A corporate or institutional environment where your time is truly never your own.

They haven’t pulled an all-nighter and have been expected to be at work first thing in the morning. And, unless you have, it’s really difficult to truly get it.

Our founder has lived the experience and created a team that understands these unique pressures and challenges that come with the corporate mentality.

Our Founders Journey

Momentum Psychology was founded to meet the needs of high-performing executives and entrepreneurs. Our founder, Dr. Newman, worked as a corporate lawyer. She wanted to find a therapist who truly understood work-life balance challenges. She struggled to integrate her career and personal life.

She tried a few therapists. Their solution was always some version of “you need to quit your current job.” I had already tried switching firms though. And none of them had an idea of a way for her to cover her mortgage or pay their fees.

lawyerorjudge therapyforlawyers therapyforjudge onlinetherapyinNorthCarolina Dr.JanNewmanPh.D

Then she tried a coach for attorneys who gave her a free consultation. The coach facilitated a career strengths test. The test suggested finding happiness as a real estate broker or a funeral director. The problem was not only the hours but also the lack of meaning and purpose. Those seemed like quick-fix ideas, and funeral directing. Please. Just No.

doctor onlinetherapyinCharlotteNC onlinetherapist onlinetherapyinNorthCarolina CharlotteNC NorthCarolina Texas Virginia Georgia
Are You Ready to Take Control of Your Life Professionally and Personally? Begin Online Therapy in North Carolina and Beyond Today!

Being a high-performing individual in today’s pressure-filled world creates its own unique set of challenges and hurdles to overcome. Finding a balance that fulfills you both professionally and personally is the key. At Momentum Psychology our skilled team of therapists understands this and is here to help you work towards reaching your full potential professionally and personally. We utilize evidence-based treatment methods that include ACT, DBT, CBT, and Trauma-Informed Practices.

We currently offer online Burnout and Stress Therapy in North Carolina and all PSYPACT states including, but not limited to North Carolina, Texas, Virginia, and Georgia.

If you are ready to take control of your life and build Momentum moving forward to a bright future, follow the steps below to get started.


As well as having extensive training and experience in the treatment of burnout and stress-related issues, our team of therapists also offers a wide variety of online therapy services in North Carolina and all Psypact States. We work with lawyers, entrepreneurs, students, parents, and teens who are dealing with ADHD, trauma and loss, anxiety and panic, depression, and life transitions. We also offer SPACE, Supportive Parenting for Anxious Childhood Emotions. Our goal is to help you find success both professionally and personally so you can gain Momentum to excel in a bright future.


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“Dr. Newman’s level of dedication and empathy is unmatched. It is an exceptional sight to see an individual who possesses so much love for what they do and give an unprecedented amount of dedication to each case. ”