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Therapy for High-Achieving Professionals


Work with us via Online Therapy in North Carolina and PSYPACT States Licensed psychologists for stress, burnout, anxiety, depression, trauma, and relationships.

We specialize in working with high-achieving professionals, lawyers, physicians, executives, entrepreneurs, athletes, students, and other high performers who want more out of life.

Begin right here. Right now.

When you feel like life is all uphill and you’re stuck in first gear, even taking one step can feel difficult.

With life, comes constant challenges and uncertainty that can leave you feeling stuck, burned out, overwhelmed, and alone. Could you do it on your own? We agree that you have infinite potential, so yes, you can do alot alone. You likely already have to get where you are. The point is that you don’t have to. 

And, besides, you want more than overcoming current difficulties. So much more.

What got you here will likely not get you there.

What if there’s a resource that could help you get there and help build your momentum for change? That’s where we come in.

Believe it or not — therapy can be deeply transformational, effective, strategic, and action-oriented.

When it is, it’s like personal training for your life. It’s the journey of identifying and breaking down barriers, becoming more aware, acquiring knowledge, learning new skills, shifting your perspective, and taking strategic values-based action to have the fulfilling life you’ve always wanted and deserve.

Fulfillment comes from that alignment between your actions and meaning and purpose.

This alignment between values and action is similar to what Warren Buffet calls “playing by your inner scorecard” or what Fred Kofman calls achieving “success BEYOND success.”


For many high-performing individuals, including lawyers, physicians, executives, entrepreneurs, and performers, their jobs often require putting out fires, balancing constant demands of work and family, last minute travel, and a rough commute in traffic. Good news! That’s why we provide services via secure online video conferencing.


Many people come to therapy because a concerned friend or family member has suggested: “Hey, maybe you need to see someone?” 

Others realize they’ve hit a major roadblock with relationships or at work or school.

You may not be sure about therapy as a solution. Maybe your schedule is already too full. Maybe you’ve had a bad experience in the past.
For many high-achieving professionals, executives, and students, there is often a fear of stigma and misconceptions.
Acknowledging that it’s ok for things to not be ok is the first step toward change.
What if it doesn’t work?

The good news is that for many problems affecting work and life, psychotherapy is one of the most effective solutions. For some issues, such as certain anxiety disorders and obsessive-compulsive disorder, therapy is the first-line option, not medication.

Based on current research, you can maximize that success by choosing a therapist who is a good fit for you, has solid interpersonal skills and emphasizes unconditional support, acceptance, and nonjudgement, and is experienced and well-trained in effective treatment models.
Motivated client + effective therapist + solid relationship + effective model =

MAXIMUM positive outcome.

Therapy for High-Performing and High-Achieving People Who Want More Out of Life

For professionals, lawyers, physicians, entrepreneurs, executives, athletes, students, and high performers.

Therapy can help you cope with professional & personal challenges.

Our psychologists help people struggling with stress, burnout, confidence, perfectionism, people-pleasing, and imposter syndrome.



We specialize in evidence-based treatments to help you become the expert on change and do more of what matters.

We believe that you are the best expert on who and what matters. 

Next Level
Our jam is to help motivated people who are willing and ready for action take their lives and relationships next level!


“After a lifetime of therapy I have life altering breakthroughs with Dr. Newman. She has taught me how to be aware of my thoughts, calm myself, understand and lead a values-based life and set boundaries with others. Often people have counseling and still have to negotiate daily with others who will not go to counseling or improve. I have learned from her how to change myself and my responses to move the ball down the field with these folks in correlation with my own value system. In this way, I have achieved more agency in my life and feel calmer and in control. Now people notice this change in me and ask how I do it. Just yesterday two people acknowledged the changes they see in me with admiration. She is a caring and special person who is committed to her clients and goes beyond the call of duty. . . She is a mind ninja.”
When you’re considering therapy and looking for a therapist, it’s important to ask three questions:

Is now the right time? One of the biggest factors in predicting solid treatment outcomes is your motivation and effort. Consider whether you have the time and space to commit to the process. Weekly sessions often more research support, and the duration of therapy is often shorter.

Is therapy what you need? Some people despite struggling may not meet the criteria for a mental health issue and could benefit from other options such as coaching. Your psychologist can work with you to help you make this decision.

Overall, our mission is to help you leverage your strengths, break through barriers, teach you some ninja skills, and help you take strategic action that moves you closer to who and what matters to you.

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Lori Epting
Lori Epting
Dr. Newman is one of my most-trusted colleagues due to her extensive understanding and experience working with trauma. She has a true gift for helping clients work through blocks that interfere with the lives they want to live. She helps clients identify their blocks to change and work through them with such compassion. I watch clients make significant progress under her care which is why she is at the top of my referral list.
Bea M
Bea M
“Dr. Newman’s level of dedication and empathy is unmatched. It is an exceptional sight to see an individual who possesses so much love for what they do and give an unprecedented amount of dedication to each case. ” -- Beatrice Moise, M.S., BCCS Author/Board Certified Cognitive Specialist
Leia Charnin, PhD
Leia Charnin, PhD
Dr. Newman has been a valued colleague for many years. I often consult with her about trauma recovery or working with families. I deeply respect her caring, honest, and informed approach to therapy. She has exceptional training and strives to provide the highest quality of work with her clients. I have heard her speak about collaboration and meeting clients where they are so as to take a individualized and intentional approach for each unique client. I have the deepest of respect for her and have every confidence in recommending working with her.
Karyn Swinson
Karyn Swinson
I have had the pleasure of working with Dr. Jan Newman on multiple occasions throughout our careers. She has always been thorough and compassionate in her work and it is readily apparent that she strives to provide the best care for her clients.
Michael Gomez
Michael Gomez
I have worked with Dr. Newman for almost a decade. She is one of the finest therapists I have ever had the honor of working with in my 20 year career as a professional in the field of child behavioral health. There are only a handful of people in the world I would send one of my family members if they needed a therapist and she is on that very, very short list. In times of deep crisis, she provides wisdom, compassion, and healing. I have seen her succeed with cases where no one thought anyone could succeed. I cannot recommend her strongly enough.

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