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How to Set Boundaries – Examples and Scripts

how to set boundaries

HOW TO SET BOUNDARIES – EXAMPLES AND SCRIPTS DR. JAN NEWMAN In a recent article, I wrote about why setting boundaries with others is difficult and why it is also helpful for us and the other person. In this article, the focus is on what setting boundaries compassionately actually looks or rather sounds like IRL. […]

Setting Boundaries: A Pathway to Compassion

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SETTING BOUNDARIES: A PATHWAY TO COMPASSION DR. JAN NEWMAN It’s that time of year again. The kids are back in school. All the vacations have ended. Work is back in full force. Our schedules keep filling up with “have tos” and “musts,” but we don’t timeblock our gravity needs – what I sometimes call those […]

Control What You Can


CONTROL WHAT YOU CAN DR. JAN NEWMAN With tears of frustration building in his eyes, my son tried to explain his problem. He and a close friend had disagreed about some obscure detail from the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) at school. (If you have older kids, that might make you laugh, but as we are […]

Trusting Yourself More Than Your Memory: Tips for Values-Based Decision Making


TRUSTING YOURSELF MORE THAN YOUR MEMORY: TIPS FOR VALUES-BASED DECISION MAKING DR. JAN NEWMAN I am a psychologist and a coach. Although being a coach, in most states, requires no certification or specialized training, a clinical psychologist must be certified to be a coach to comply with state requirements. So, even though I had a […]

Doing What Matters – The Power of Values-Based Living


DOING WHAT MATTERS – THE POWER OF VALUES-BASED LIVING DR. JAN NEWMAN One of the many reasons that I love Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and the research-based training and coaching models based on it is the emphasis on values as the guide for our choices and actions. Clarifying and acting on your values intuitively […]

Use the Force: What Jedi Masters Teach Us About Emotion Regulation


USE THE FORCE: WHAT JEDI MASTERS TEACH US ABOUT EMOTION REGULATION DR. JAN NEWMAN When I worked as a director in a university-run residential treatment program for at-risk boys, a core component of our group treatment program was emotion regulation. My doctoral students and I always knew when we said the word “emotion,” we were […]

How Healthcare Providers Can Reduce Stress & Burnout During COVID-19 + beyond


HOW HEALTHCARE PROVIDERS CAN REDUCE STRESS & BURNOUT DURING COVID-19 + BEYOND DR. JAN NEWMAN In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, stress is high for all of us. We’re facing competing demands at home and at work. The traditional notion of work-life balance is dead. Every day holds more questions. What is happening with […]

Tips for Staying Emotionally Well During COVID-19 Work and School Changes


TIPS FOR STAYING EMOTIONALLY WELL DURING COVID-19 WORK AND SCHOOL CHANGES DR. JAN NEWMAN Students at many colleges and universities in the United States and many private and public schools in the state are preparing to transition to online learning to reduce the risk of COVID-19. Many businesses and organizations are also switching to a […]

Are You Ready to Take the Red Pill? 6 Ways to Escape the Corporate Matrix

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ARE YOU READY TO TAKE THE RED PILL? 6 WAYS TO ESCAPE THE CORPORATE MATRIX DR. JAN NEWMAN Adapted from article originally published on Shrink Tank blog February 2018. “The Red Pill makes you aware of the true nature of the Matrix. The Blue Pill keeps you ignorant of reality.” It’s the beginning of a […]