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Control What You Can


CONTROL WHAT YOU CAN DR. JAN NEWMAN With tears of frustration building in his eyes, my son tried to explain his problem. He and a close friend had disagreed about some obscure detail from the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) at school. (If you have older kids, that might make you laugh, but as we are […]

Trusting Yourself More Than Your Memory: Tips for Values-Based Decision Making


TRUSTING YOURSELF MORE THAN YOUR MEMORY: TIPS FOR VALUES-BASED DECISION MAKING DR. JAN NEWMAN I am a psychologist and a coach. Although being a coach, in most states, requires no certification or specialized training, a clinical psychologist must be certified to be a coach to comply with state requirements. So, even though I had a […]

Are You Ready to Take the Red Pill? 6 Ways to Escape the Corporate Matrix

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ARE YOU READY TO TAKE THE RED PILL? 6 WAYS TO ESCAPE THE CORPORATE MATRIX DR. JAN NEWMAN Adapted from article originally published on Shrink Tank blog February 2018. “The Red Pill makes you aware of the true nature of the Matrix. The Blue Pill keeps you ignorant of reality.” It’s the beginning of a […]