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Parenting Resources to Keep Your Kids Connected as COVID Continues


PARENTING RESOURCES TO KEEP YOUR KIDS CONNECTED AS COVID CONTINUES DR. JAN NEWMAN Back in March, I wrote a popular blog article describing resources for parenting during COVID. Since then, I have been amazed and inspired by the determination and resilience of children and families in our communities. Despite the challenges of COVID confinement, there […]

How Healthcare Providers Can Reduce Stress & Burnout During COVID-19 + beyond


HOW HEALTHCARE PROVIDERS CAN REDUCE STRESS & BURNOUT DURING COVID-19 + BEYOND DR. JAN NEWMAN In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, stress is high for all of us. We’re facing competing demands at home and at work. The traditional notion of work-life balance is dead. Every day holds more questions. What is happening with […]

Resources for Parenting During COVID-19


RESOURCES FOR PARENTING DURING COVID-19 DR. JAN NEWMAN These are strange and surreal times. At this time, over 300 million children worldwide are being homeschooled. Overnight, homeschool has gone mainstream. Parents and students who have not been homeschooling may find themselves unprepared for this change. Fortunately, we live in the world of online learning where […]