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A Psychologist Shares 7 Strategies to Slay Stress and Banish Burnout

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A PSYCHOLOGIST SHARES 7 STRATEGIES TO SLAY STRESS AND BANISH BURNOUT DR. JAN NEWMAN Feeling exhausted and uninspired about work could be about having a bad day. That happens to almost everyone. Sometimes you might even notice feeling cynical about work with a touch of dread or “Sunday Scaries.” Again, that happens to almost everyone […]

What is ADHD and Why Is it So Misunderstood?

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WHAT IS ADHD AND WHY IS IT SO MISUNDERSTOOD? DR. JAN NEWMAN Why Is ADHD So Misunderstood? You may hear people flippantly volunteer such labels as “I’m ADD” or “I think I have ADHD” when they forget something or zone out during a conversation. Yet this usage doesn’t reflect increased awareness or sensitivity or a […]