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A Practical Guide to Understanding Work Avoidance Behavior

Do you often find yourself delaying or dodging tasks, especially at work? Have you noticed patterns where you repeatedly steer clear of particular assignments or responsibilities? This might not just be plain old procrastination; you might be facing ‘work avoidance behavior’. As a common but seldom-discussed phenomenon, work avoidance behavior lurks silently in many professional […]

The Benefits of Online Therapy for Professionals in North Carolina

Is a lack of time and freedom to attend therapy appointments in person pushing your mental health needs on the back burner? A busy calendar, long commutes, and the demands of a successful professional career can make it feel nearly impossible to prioritize mental wellness. With the rise of technology, however, professionals in North Carolina […]

Support for Students: Therapy for Overwhelm and Isolation

therapy for students

  Feeling isolated and overwhelmed as a student – it sounds familiar, doesn’t it? The stressful demands of achieving academic success, coupled with pressures to fit in socially, can sometimes lead to a crushing sense of loneliness, increased stress, or even anxiety. A study found that a staggering over 60% of students reported feeling overwhelming […]

The Complete Guide to ADHD Testing Options

ADHD therapy for adults

  Are you constantly struggling to pay attention, stay organized, or keep your impulsive behavior in check? These battles can be exhausting and detrimental to your personal and professional life. Things that might seem like ordinary problems to others may pose significant challenges for you. You might be wondering if there is an underlying reason […]