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6 Steps to Emotional Self-Awareness for Parents


6 STEPS TO EMOTIONAL SELF-AWARENESS FOR PARENTS DR. JAN NEWMAN When I tell parents that one of the biggest influences on their children is how they regulate their own emotions and model that for their children, they react differently. Some nod and say, “that makes sense.” Yet I’ve had my share of eye-rolling and comments […]

Parenting Master Series: The Modern Parent’s Guide to Shame-Free Parenting

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PARENTING MASTER SERIES: THE MODERN PARENT’S GUIDE TO SHAME-FREE PARENTING DR. JAN NEWMAN Ever feel like the world is out to get you as a parent? Does it seem like you can’t ever get anything right? I feel you. So hard. I transitioned to psychology as a second career. I had worked in the demanding […]

Use the Force: What Jedi Masters Teach Us About Emotion Regulation


USE THE FORCE: WHAT JEDI MASTERS TEACH US ABOUT EMOTION REGULATION DR. JAN NEWMAN When I worked as a director in a university-run residential treatment program for at-risk boys, a core component of our group treatment program was emotion regulation. My doctoral students and I always knew when we said the word “emotion,” we were […]

Tips for Staying Emotionally Well During COVID-19 Work and School Changes


TIPS FOR STAYING EMOTIONALLY WELL DURING COVID-19 WORK AND SCHOOL CHANGES DR. JAN NEWMAN Students at many colleges and universities in the United States and many private and public schools in the state are preparing to transition to online learning to reduce the risk of COVID-19. Many businesses and organizations are also switching to a […]