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is everything is really ok with your school-aged child?

You might find yourself wondering if everything is really ok with your school-aged childYou thought she would grow out of thisYou know he can do it—if he would just apply himself. Why isn’t anything working?

Does any of this sound familiar with your child?

– Hates making mistakes, losing, or having expectations not met

– Seems more interested in technology sometimes than family

– Has emotional outbursts when things don’t go their way

– Withdraws from family or often argues with siblings

– Perfectionism and fear of failure is starting to disrupt daily life

– Feels bad about themselves and has lost confidence

Juggling friends, family, school, and extracurriculars can be tough— especially when you’re brain isn’t fully developed. This is also a time to figure out if you need to worry about how your child is acting and how to step in. Because their brains are growing, early intervention is key with kids—positive changes are amplified with development.

I will work with you and your child to help you navigate the ups and downs of childhood. I often mix pop culture and play with evidence-based treatment methods like cognitive behavioral therapy to make this a FUN experience for kids.


“Dr. Newman is a rare talent. She is not just brilliant but also brings an incredible amount of knowledge and experience to her practice. Dr. Newman’s level of dedication and empathy is unmatched. It is an exceptional sight to see an individual who possesses so much love for what they do and give an unprecedented amount of dedication to each case. I have been advising parents for over 10 years on how to best meet the needs of their child, and having partnered with Dr. Newman has been a gift to me, and she is truly a gift to Charlotte.”

Bea Moise, MS, BCCS | Board Certified Cognitive Specialist, Writer, and National Speaker in Charlotte, NC

“Dr. Jan Newman is one of the most skillful therapists I have ever worked with in my career. She has handled cases whose complexity has it’s own complexity and has helped those families out of that forest of suffering. I cannot commend her therapy skills highly enough. As a therapist with over 20 years over experience in the field of child trauma, she is who I would trust with my own child, without hesitation. Her brilliance at what she does is only matched by her compassion for the families she works with. Her effectiveness with the most recalcitrant of mental health problems for children and adults is incredible.” 

Michael Gomez, PhD | Director and TF-CBT Master Trainer, Center for Child and Adolescent Mental Health at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center